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The opportunities that Canada provides, in terms of education, work, career growth and standard of living, are unparalleled. Senator and Associates, has been a pioneer in counseling students with regard to Canadian education opportunities.

In today’s economic climate where recession plays havoc with the economies of many a country, the services of Senator and associates have become the need of the hour to the student community world wide. Education has always been a means to an end, rather than an end in itself, the end being a rewarding career. Today, education alone cannot take one to this end. It needs an environment conducive to growth. This is where canada stands out.

Senator and associates (S and A) was founded in 1998 with the sole aim of helping
students from India who wish to study in Canada. At that time, reliable sources of
information were not available for those who are seeking an educational opportunity in
Canada. As a result the students were in a lurch in regard to the modalities of a Canadian

Thus was born the institution, Senator and associates (S and A), that now has 6 offices in India and 2 international offices at Muscat & Colombo.

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